Psychological Services

The Psychological Services subdivision of the Special Education Department provides a continuum of direct and indirect child-centered services in collaboration with the general education staff to meet the needs of all students in learner-centered classroom environments.

The professional members providing psychological services, primarily Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP), are licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists to provide services in public school settings. The LSSP holds a masters degree specializing in school psychology.

The LSSPs are assigned to campuses throughout the district and may be given other assignments by the Director, as needed. The LSSP provides a range of direct and indirect services in support of the district efforts in meeting Federal and State compliance regulations. Psychological services may include:

  • Participation in ARD meetings (initial evaluations, re-evaluations, permanent placements, and special requests from the ARDC)

  • Collaboration on a variety of Special Education/special needs issues/concerns (with case manager/administration/teachers/social worker/counselors)

  • Assessment (psychological, educational, behavioral, counseling, functional behavior assessments)

  • Facilitation of the re-evaluation process (REED)

  • Interpretation of outside evaluation results

  • Consultation on a variety of special education student concerns

  • Guidance on cases considered high-risk for outside advocacy and/or litigation

  • Individual and/or group intervention(s) as a related service for students with special needs

  • Campus training for Special Education/special needs issues

  • Advocacy for students with special needs