Special Olympics (1)

Edgewood ISD provides training, sports and competitions to Special Education Students beginning with Pre-K and continuing all the way through the Edgewood Transition Center. Students in Pre-K may participate in the Young Athlete's program which offers activities in the Fall and Spring. When students have reached school age, they are considered Athletes in Training and can begin training for Special Olympics. At the age of 8, students can apply to become a Special Olympics Athlete. Students applying must be able to pass the Special Olympics Medical Enrollment Application requiring a Doctor's signature noting any restrictions or limitations. Currently offered in EISD are the following sports training and competitions through Local and Area 20 as well as State Competitions: Bowling, Golf, Basketball, Equestrian, Track and Field and Roller Skating. Students compete for ribbons and medals in all Special Olympics Events and Competitions.

Special Olympics Athlete Release Form