On Campus Job Sites

The Burleson School is home to the Special Education 18+ Program. The program is designed to meet the unique needs of students who have graduated from high school and continue to require instruction in employment, education/training and/or independent living.

We believe all individuals deserve daily opportunities to maximize their potential and learn skills that promote independence in their community. 

We provide community integration, employment training, education, independent living skills, recreational, social skills and other meaningful and productive activities in various settings. Students may receive instruction in the community and/or in one or more of the on campus job sites and businesses located in the facility. Our on campus job-sites include:

  • Cordelia Special-Tees

  • Edgewood Inspiration Gardens

  • Burleson Cafe

  • Dos-Calles Bike Shop

  • The Burleson Boutique

  • Warehouse

  • Apartment

For additional information on the 18+ Program, please contact 210-898-4061.